Militär och försvar

Mobile Field Hospital

Algeco has a great deal of experience in providing solutions according to complex technical requirements of military operations.

Our Special Shelters and Medical Solutions are in service with armed forces from various national as well as international organizations. Algeco has closely co-operated with the Norwegian Armed Forces Medical Service (NAFMS) and successfully designed and developed an unique Mobile Field Hospital concept, that offers outstanding flexibility and cost efficiency compared to other concepts available in the market.

Our hospitals are currently in service with the Norwegian Army Medical Corps, the Swedish Army, the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, the Norwegian Air Force Immediate Reaction Fighter Squadron (NBC Protected Medical Facility), the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone and Sudan ( 100-bed hospital), NATO ROL2 Hospital for Romania, and the medical units for the Royal Netherland Army. Our last turnkey Mobile Hospital and First Aid Station delivery was for the Turkish Military, commissioning by the customer in October 2010.

While most of the European competitors have done most of their deliveries to domestic military clients, Algeco has gained great experience working with international clients. This has given us experience in the necessary flexibility in the systems to integrate between armies, often working together in the field, as well as understand the need of national customization in each project.

Apart from having commercial experience, many of Algeco key members of staff are ex-military and have personal experience in supporting joint operations in a deployed environment. Our experience will provide customers with not only the best value solution, but also a solution that is founded upon working knowledge and practical field experience.

To meet the requirements, Algeco selects proven equipment from reputable suppliers. Our design provides a compliant, low risk, best value solution meeting the requirements.

Algeco Medical and Hospital Solutions Standards meet the following quality norms:

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • AQAP 110-130 (NATO standard)
  • EN 12079

In a Mobile Field Hospital there are several service units to be fitted. Algeco selects proven equipment from reputable suppliers to meet the requirements. Our design provides a compliant, low risk, best value solution meeting the requirements. We fully expect to modify these initial proposals during discussions with clients’ organizations and the end users following contract award, so that we may take full account of user experience, requirements and preferences. Our design remains flexible up to Critical Design Review, whereupon design is frozen to allow purchasing and production to commence.

The shelters are designed and constructed as a Type 1C or 1CC, in strict adherence to ISO 668, ISO 1496-1 and ISO 1161. The units are CSC approved and certified by Lloyds Register of Shipping, London, and can be transported by standard truck, railway and sea vessels as normal cargo. The containers can be certified for C-130 handling and air transport. The containers’ design and placement of equipment in the “Transportation Mode” are aimed at achieving the lowest possible Centre of Gravity (CG). Fork lift pockets and CG are clearly marked with ISO standard markings on the containers’ exterior.

Uniteam hospital units are fully provided with cables for connection to Generators or Commercial Power Source, storm connections for Water Distribution System and Medical Gas Supply.  Both our delivered turnkey hospitals (Romania and Turkey) have been additionally fully equipped with medical equipment, placed and fixated separately in the shelter where they belong, delivered with the infrastructure of the hospital with regard to water and power distribution.

The modular hospitals are also build up according to NATO/UN standards to be able to interact with other units following the same standards. There is maximum flexibility within the complex to upgrade and develop with other units later on.

Algeco Mobile Field Hospital can consist of:

  • Medical Units
  • Operating Theatre
  • Pre/Post OP
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Sterilization
  • X-ray
  • Triage
  • Reception/Administration
  • Dental
  • Service Units (Ablution, Kitchen, Dining Room, Laundry, Generator, Water and Purification, Incinerator, Storage, Waste and Sewage)

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