Militär och försvar

2in1 Foldable Shelter

Due to the changing reality and the NATO doctrine enhancing mobility of military units, Algeco decided to meet the requirements by developing new mobile systems and enhancing the existing concepts. The Company has filled a market niche and gained extensive experience in designing and delivering highly specialized solutions for different industries and markets – onshore, offshore and military & relief.

Algeco has been delivering field-proven and highly mobile shelter systems and container solutions for the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Belgian, Romanian, British, American and Dutch armies, as well as NATO, including, but not limited to: Operating Theatres, Hospital Units, Sanitary Containers, Office Modules, Accommodation Modules, Reefers, Kitchens, Laboratories, Laundries, Workshops, Pre-Fabricated Offices and Schools and Ammunition Storages.

The Algeco ISO 20ft CSC-approved and certified 2in1 shelter is developed in Norway. It is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility, guaranteeing the highest quality in all aspects. The 2in1 shelter is manufactured from steel and aluminum, hence the low weight and the robust construction. The container is designed both for military and civilian use.

The 2in1 shelter is transported as a regular 20ft container, by ship, railway, road and air.